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Here, you can hear Romero scream.

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Created April 2018 



July 1, 2018

Added some map resources. Although, for some games, the resources are complicated with so many versions.
Also, placing some demos on the forums...


June 1, 2018

Quake4 uploaded. I have to decide what gaming files to post...


May 4, 2018

A few more things in place...


April 18, 2018

I welcome you to the inauguration of the Opulent First-Person Shooter Playback Demo Archive.

I, theoretically, will update this site with new demos (or demos for additional games) from time to time. Still working on the mechanics in the background. Hopefully, someone else out there is actually interested in real demos. Stop by the forums if you have questions or comments...

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Thomas Pilger - 30nm4949

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