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Here, you can hear Romero scream.

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Created April 2018 



About Playback Demos


This site is about playback demos. Playback demonstrations(or replays) are game-captured data that is recorded during a game that can be re-played later by another user. Although I do like all types of playback demos for all types of games, this site is focused on First-person Action Shooter Personal Computer Playback Demos. All types of replays are encouraged on the Forums.

This site rests on the shoulders of many giants of the past. There are a lot of people to thank for this content. The game designers, the server administrators, the demosite admins, the non-recording players, and, of course, the players themselves....

Here is a short(and somewhat incomplete) list of people who deserve some extra thanks; whose extra effort and dedication made this possible:

     Laura 'Bahdko' Herrmann
     Andrew 'Linguica' Stine
     Andy Olivera
     Zvonimir 'fx' Bu┼żanic
     Adam Hegyi
     Ilja 'Dimmu' Balabin
     Mikael 'Purifier' Tarvainen
     Jarkko 'Damiah' Liukkonen
     Sean 'Cache' Shelton
     Boris V.
     Yonatan 'Zem' Donner
     John Romero
     John Carmack
     Andrey 'e6y' Budko
     Albert Valls
     Krystian 'Claymore' Zbikowski
     Ralf Schreivogel
     Arno Slagboom

DOOM and Quake are special cases; where very large, detailed websites are dedicated to single-player(and multi-player SP mode) demos. This site doesn't replace or duplicate their efforts.
Representing about 1/50th of the total demos I have, this site focuses on the highest quality demos -- although any level of quality(or type) is accepted on the forums.

I've been an avid FPS demo fanatic since 1996. I started the DOOMed Speed Demos Archive in 1998(now in the very capable expert hands of Andy Olivera). I have the honors of D1SS, D2HS, the Compet-N GoldenCyber Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Doomworld Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement. I probably have more demos than anyone else... although I would find it entertaining to be proved wrong.

I am always interested in new demos, so please don't hesitate to post them on the forums or email me.

To be honest, I don't expect many people are interested in the content of this site. Unfortunately, this function has been phased out of modern games... shame on those who make such decisions. But perhaps you'd like to stay and enjoy this lost art form for yourself... enjoy.

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