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FPS Demos

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- Counterstrike

CounterStrike: Source

Created April 2018 



Demo Help and Information

There are dozens of versions(official and otherwise) of these games and sub-games.
For specifics to playback a particular demo or demo-type, ask on the forums.
Single-player and multi-player demos playback the same way in most cases.


This includes DOOM, DOOM2, and Heretic.  This is for demos with the .lmp file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:  (at the command-line or in a batchfile(or similar))
doom2 -file pwadname.wad -playdemo demoname
Example:   doom2 -file mm2.wad -playdemo mm21-323

Recommended method:
PrBoom-plus: ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom-plus/ ) (at the command-line or in a batchfile(or similar))
prboom-plus.exe -iwad DOOM2.wad -file mm2.wad -playdemo mm21-323

Demo playback information:
Old Deathmatch rules for 1.9 -deathmatch (weapons stay, items don't respawn)
Altdeath Deathmatch rules for 1.9 -altdeath is Deathmatch mode 2.0 (weapons respawn)
No parameter in a net game is cooperative mode
Players are (in order): Green / Indigo / Brown / Red
You must start the demo playback with -timer 15 to facilitate the -timer map change in playback(if the demo was recorded with the -timer function enabled).
DOOM requires the exact version of map in wad file(nodes and blockmap) for the demo to playback correctly.

Prboom-plus has some support for 1.2/1.4/1.666 demos.
Earlier versions than 1.9 fall out of sync with timedemo or prboom-plus fast-forward.
Earlier versions than 1.4 don't have statistics screen... they exit immediately at level_end. That also means that they cannot be multi-level demos.

Prboom plus 2481 in-game GUI shows the monsters that the player has killed.
Prboom plus 2513 in-game GUI shows the original monster count killed.

Record a demo:
doom2 -file mm2.wad -record mm21-323 -warp 21 -skill 4 -nomonsters -fast -respawn -maxdemo 2048

Tools for demo playback:
PrBoom-plus226-22(and later) has -statlevel (useful for multi-level movie demos). This outputs levelstat.txt with Time-KillDeathSecret information.
-- useful for verifying kills and secrets and time of demo
-- -fastdemo plays demo as fast as possible
-- -skipsec will skip to that second in the demo playback without drawing screen
-- -trace_thingshealth ThingID [ThingID] [ThingID] will show item's health in GUI when playing
-- -complevel ### might force prboom to playdemo with a particular complevel if not auto-detected properly.
-- -solo-net -- single-player network game - emulates ipxsetup
-- playsback MBF, Boom, and original game demos


Tools for demo analysis:
BOOM LMPC - boom-lmpc_2.0
Opulent's Prboom-plus2513 demo parsers -- shows some general statistics for demos.
-- prboom-plus2513_opulent_singleplayer_released
-- prboom-plus2513_opulent_deathmatch_released
xwe114 -- extract entries from wad files (like demo lumps).


DOOM modified-engine source ports - multiplayer

This is for demos with the .zdo, .zdd, .odd, .cld file extensions.

Playback recorded demo:
zdaemon -file dwango5.wad -netplay demo.zdo
zdaemon has some backward compatibility, but to flag the executable that the demo is a previous version it must be in the demoname extension:
104 - demo must end with 104.zdo, example: demo.104.zdo
105 - demo must end with 105.zdo, example: demo.105.zdo

The easiest way to playback a demo correctly is to load the wadfile(s) and demo from the Zdaemon Launcher GUI.

Most advanced source ports for mulitplayer have a Quake-like interface with console, bindings, and aliases. You can use a bind script in your autoexec.cfg and zdoom.ini file to record/stop as you would in any quake-engine game.

zdaemon109b23_win32_bin implemented a new compressed demo format (ZDD extension).
It has the wad information and checksums embedded in the demo file.
The forward/backward skipping are bound to the "n" and "p" keys by default.

skulltag.exe -file dwango5.wad -playdemo dwangodemo.cld

odamex.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file udm3.wad -netplay a.odd
-- arrow keys and space should fast-foward, rewind, and pause



This is for Quake(netquake) .dem file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
quake -game mm1 +playdemo a

Recommended method:
Joequake (put demos in the ID1 directory -- access the demos from the in-game menu)
Example: joequake-gl -dinput

Demo playback information:
framerate speed changes speed demo playsback. Bind these commands to keys in your autoexec.cfg file
host_framerate 0 (pauses game)
host_framerate .001 (slow motion)
host_framerate .6 (fast forward -- .1 would be less fast fast forward)

pak files must be named pak#.pak for quake to see the demos inside -- they are loaded sequentially. Don't overwrite the base pak files.
Demos go in the game directory -- quake/id1
Maps go in the quake/id1/maps directory.

Record a demo:
quake -game czg07 -record czg07a


Tools for demo analysis:


- Quakeworld (.qwd(Quakeworld real game), .qwz(qizmo compressed proxy), .mvd(mvdsv server recorded multi-view) file extensions)

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
qwd - playdemo a

    start qizmo -- this starts a server for the game
    -- qizmo -a maker -b d:/d/quake --
    start quakeworld
    connect localhost -- connects your quake game to the server
    proxy:menu bindstd -- this allows you to access the qizmo menu

Recommended method:
Fuhquake for qwd, mvd, qwz demos (I haven't tested voice-compressed qizmo demos in Fuhquake.)
Fuhquake plays qizmo/qwz compressed demos(requires ../qizmo.exe to be present).
Example: fuhquake-gl.exe -dinput -width 1920 -height 1200 -bpp 32 +set cl_confirmquit 0 -mem 16
fteqw for FTE-enabled mvd demos.

Demo playback information:
CA is Clan Arena.
Quakeworld does not allow host framerate commmands to fast-forward demos.

Quakeworld major versions:
2.30 (final)

zquake zwqcl is supposed to be able to play pre-2.30 versions, but I had no luck.
The original DOS executables can play them, of course.
Qizmo can play them as well.
The qwd->mvd converts cannot parse pre-2.30 version demos.

Fteqw, darkplaces, and nquake/ezquake have port-specific protocol versions(in some cases).

gamma 0
cl_demospeed 1 is 100%
cl_demorewind - Toggles between normal and backward demoplaying, 0 by default.
TAB -- shows all scores

Record a demo:
glquake -game qdqst -width 640 -height 480 -bpp 16 -heapsize 32000 -nojoy +skill 3 +record demoname e4m3


Tools for demo analysis:


This is for .dm2 and .mvd2 file extensions.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
copy demo into Quake2/baseq2/ folder. (demos recorded with non-baseq2 mod format will need to be in their subdirectory -- eg. Quake2/ctf/ )
quake2 +demomap 2.dm2 (or from console)

For .mvd2 demos, load them from the in-game menu in q2pro.

Recommended method:
Demoplay2.4 or q2dp_v03_q2demoplayer(for post-WindowsXP OSs)
q2pro (for .mvd2 demos)

Demo playback information:
The demo support is very resilient in the real game(Quake2 3.20) because the demo is recorded block by block). Quake2 version 3.20 can playback earlier version-recorded demos(except the demo).
Demos recorded with protocol 35 require a protocol 35-enabled source port(q2pro/r1q2). You need to type: set cl_protocol 35 in the console of the r1q2 client if you have it set to protocol 34 already.
Demos recorded with protocol 36(mvd2) require q2pro source port.

quake2.exe +set gl_mode 3 +
Demos go in the quake2/baseq2/demos directory to play them from the console.
Maps go in the quake2//maps directory. -- ones in the baseq2 game directory are 'seen' by all the gametypes.

Demoplay plays ctf, ra, and baseq2 demos.
The nocheat client-stuffed nocheat-checked demos require nocheat.exe.
For mods that don't allow demoplay.cfg to exec(ie. can't fastforward), use r1q2 to view.

Record a demo:
quake2.exe +set game gxmod +map ztn2dm3 +timelimit 5 +record demonew

Tools for demo playback:
r1q2 (warning: r1q2 should flag your anti-virus or malware detector. This is NOT a false positive. No danger if you use it on a computer not connected to the internet.

Tools for demo analysis:



This is for demos with the .dm3, dm_48, .dm_66, .dm_67, and .dm_68 file extensions.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:

Recommended method:
dsclight_130.exe -- then run DSC.exe to setup.

Demo playback information:
Later versions of CPMA can playback any vQ3/CPM/OSP/CPMA demo, but it needs to load the CPMA subfolder -- eg. CPMA1.48 extracted to Quake3Arena/CPMA/ .

1.25 point release disabled the CD check.

Three major types -- 1.17 and before /// 1.27 (q3ta) /// 1.29
They are not compatible. There are converters, but I just have 3 installed versions.

quake3 +set fs_game ctf
/demo demoname
/map q3dm17

Orange Smoothie Productions(OSP) demos require the osp mod, or the opponent models will not be visible. Today, these can be viewed through the CPMA1.48 mod.

Bad cgs.gametype can be fixed with QLDT. This is not true of Quakelive demos.

Protocol version - Point release version
68 - 1.32
67 - 1.31
66 - 1.30
66 - 1.29h
48 - 1.27g
46 - 1.26
45 - 1.25
45 - 1.17
43 - 1.16n

gametype 1 -- Tourney (1 vs 1)
gametype 2 -- Free For All
gametype 3 -- Team Deathmatch
gametype 4 -- CTF
gametype 5 -- One flag (Team Arena only)
gametype 6 -- Overload (Team Arena only)
gametype 7 -- Harvester (Team Arena only)

OSP related:
gametype 5 -- Clan Arena

Cpma related:
gametype 5 -- Clan Arena
gametype 6 -- FreezeTag (gametype from efreeze mod)
gametype 7 -- CaptureStrike
gametype 8 -- Not Team Fortress (you can use NTF)
gametype 9 -- cpma1.48 2v2

ufreeze is ufreeze
protocol 39 is q3test107 -- requires productid file and baseq3 rename
protocol 40 is q3test108 -- requires crack

Record a demo:

Tools for demo playback:
geekplay(quake3 version) can convert dm3 files to dm_48 files -- works with quake3/q3ta version 1.27 (dm_48 files).

Tools for demo analysis:
Quakelive Demo Tools - qldt-1.1.11-win32


This is for demos with the .ndmo85 and .netdemo file extensions.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
Place demos in your Quake 4\baseq4\demos\ directory.
quake4.exe +seta com_allowConsole "1" +set demo_enforceFS 0 +set com_preloadDemos 0 +set fs_game q4max +playnetdemo 2.ndmo85

Recommended method:

Demo playback information:
1 is protocol 7
1.05 is protocol 7
1.21 is protocol 10
1.4 is protocol 12

Changing the value of demo_enforceFS to "1" or "2" can sometimes help. Change "Enforce Files" to "Force Media Only" (demo_enforcefs 1). +set demo_enforceFS 0 +set com_preloadDemos 1 can sometimes work. Or sometimes, it needs to be +set demo_enforceFS 1 (+set demo_enforceFS 1 -- forces all pak files crc verification).

To see the pk4s that the game is expecting to run the demo:
set developer 1
set developer 0
(or edit the demofile)

+disconnect will quit after a demo
arrow keys to fast forward and slow down playback

Playing demo manually at console requires map(and other resources like textures if you want to see them) to be extracted from pk4 for some reason. (pk4 files are just zip 2.0 compressed files).

q4replay to help identify paks, mod, map.
playnetdemo xxx
arrow keys to fastforward
It may NOT work with q4replay, needs to be done manually and 1.42

Seismovision is main 1.42 demoplayback tool
The mod and pk4 CRC has to be correct -- eg. Q4MAX075 and PK4 CRC checksum.

Record a demo:

Tools for demo playback:

Tools for demo analysis:


This is for demos with the .dm_73(and .dm_90 and .dm_91) file extensions.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
Place demos in the C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\demos directory.
Start Quakelive; then start a botmatch or join a server, then access the console with ctrl+~, then type
\demo (demoname).dm_73

Demo playback information:
Inline bad number errors can be fixed with QLDT -- this is caused by a different version of the map.
Apparently the demo player does not work, so you must /demo demoname to watch these demos.
(This is probably the bad filename error -- rename the file and it will work in the GUI).

gametype 0 -- Free For All
gametype 1 -- Tourney - 1x1
gametype 2 --
gametype 3 -- Team Deathmatch
gametype 4 -- Clan Arena
gametype 5 -- Capture the Flag

gametype -1 -- HM
gametype 0 -- Free For All
gametype 1 -- Tourney - 1x1
gametype 2 -- DA
gametype 3 -- Team Deathmatch
gametype 4 -- Capture the Flag
gametype 5 -- Clan Arena
gametype 6 -- Freeze Tag
gametype 7 -- CTFS

Gametypes - g_gametype:
gametype 0 -- Free For All
gametype 1 -- Tourney - 1x1
gametype 2 -- Single Player
gametype 3 -- Team Deathmatch
gametype 4 -- Clan Arena
gametype 5 -- Capture the Flag
gametype 6 -- One-Flag CTF
gametype 7 -- Overload
gametype 8 -- Harvester
gametype 9 -- Freeze Tag
gametype 10 -- Domination
gametype 11 -- Attack & Defend
gametype 12 -- Red Rover

Tools for demo playback:

Tools for demo analysis:


This is for demos with the .dem file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
Place demos in the correct directory; and texture files(in the root directory) and maps in the correct directory. hl.exe -console
at console, type playdemo demoname

Recommended method:

Demo playback information:
Demo won't playback with the wrong protocol version of the game.
Skplayer1.1, enter -console as command-line addition
SKplayer supports all versions of the game installed simulataneously in seperate directories. Perfect demo player, BDS!

Demos go in the hl/valve directory.
Maps go in the hl/valve/maps directory.
Unzip .bsp and .txt files to: \cstrike\maps folder
Unzip .wad files to: \cstrike folder or \valve

None of the many versions are compatible.
For a multiplayer demo: you must start a multiplayer lan game, then type:
playdemo demoname
at the console.

1005 is initial
1008 is build 807 hl 1.0
1009 is build 893
1016 is 40N:D
1100 is 41
1101 is 42N5:D -- build 1341 -- no no_CD before here
1104 and 1106 demos may be compatible.
1106 is 43
1108 is 45
1110 is 46
cs16 is 47 -- also playsback protocol 48 demos. I think this version Steam only, IIRC.

If the scorescreen is not visible, play a demo that has a visible scorescreen first, then playdemo skplayer(without exiting the game, obviously).
If you get a flashing mouse box as a visual error in the middle of the screen, change the video mode from opengl to d3d.

Tools for demo playback:

Counterstrike Source - Half-life2 Deathmatch

This is for demos with the .dem file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
Determine the protocol version of the demo.
Place the demo in the (CSS protocol version main)/cstrike folder.
start the game to the console and type playdemo (demoname)
If the demo is a HLTV multi-pov demo, then you can use the demoui/demoui2 tools to view it. (But best to just exit the game and watch a real demo instead of crap.)

Demo playback information:
Demos will not playback with the wrong minor demo protocol version executable.

Unreal Tournament

This is for demos with the .dem file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
Place demos in the UnrealTournament/System directory.
start UT and open the console (tilde key ~)
type demoplay demofilename

Tools for demo playback:

DukeNukem 3d

This is for demos with the .dmo file extension.

Playback recorded demo:
With the real game:
replace demo1.dmo with your demo and it will automatically play when the game is started

Recommended method:
Use the xDuke Demo Recorder to load all demos for all versions of the game.
It will work on 1.3D/1.5 xDuke, hDuke, EDuke32, and DOS demos. xDuke demos should be 19.7 and higher. 1.3D DOS demos will run through DOSBox.

Demo playback information:
Press your coop key (usually 'K') to switch between player views.

Record a demo:
To record a demo, simply run the game with the /r command-line parameter.

Tools for demo playback:

Tools for demo analysis:

startEntranceJohn Romero
e1m1Slipgate ComplexJohn Romero
e1m2Castle of the DamnedTim Willits
e1m3The NecropolisTim Willits
e1m4The Grisly GrottoTim Willits
e1m5Gloom KeepTim Willits
e1m6The Door To ChthonAmerican McGee
e1m7The House of ChthonAmerican McGee
e1m8Ziggurat VertigoAmerican McGee
e2m1The InstallationJohn Romero
e2m2Ogre CitadelJohn Romero
e2m3Crypt of DecayJohn Romero
e2m4The Ebon FortressJohn Romero
e2m5The Wizard's ManseJohn Romero
e2m6The Dismal OublietteJohn Romero
e2m7UnderearthTim Willits
e3m1Termination CentralJohn Romero
e3m2The Vaults of ZinAmerican McGee
e3m3The Tomb of TerrorAmerican McGee
e3m4Satan's Dark DelightAmerican McGee
e3m5Wind TunnelsTim Willits
e3m6Chambers of TormentAmerican McGee & Tim Willits
e3m7The Haunted HallsAmerican McGee
e4m1The Sewage SystemTim Willits
e4m2The Tower of DespairSandy Petersen
e4m3The Elder God ShrineSandy Petersen
e4m4The Palace of HateSandy Petersen
e4m5Hell's AtriumSandy Petersen
e4m6The Pain MazeSandy Petersen
e4m7Azure AgonySandy Petersen
e4m8The Nameless CitySandy Petersen
endShub-Niggurath's PitJohn Romero
dm1Place of Two DeathsTim Willits
dm2ClaustrophobopolisAmerican McGee
dm3The Abandoned BaseJohn Romero
dm4The Bad PlaceAmerican McGee
dm5The CisternTim Willits
dm6The Dark ZoneTim Willits
ztndm1Smile It Gets WorseZTN
ztndm2Show No MercyZTN
ztndm3Blood RunZTN
ztndm4The SteelerZTN
ztndm6The VomitoriumZTN
ukooldm2The Egyptian Cistern
cmt2The SacrificeGromm
cmt3DeutschmachineBaby Roo
cmt4Andromeda 9 (CMT version)Slayer
cmt5The DreamweaverQurnel
cmt5bThe DreamweaverQurnel
2bfreeSo You Want To Bunny?Zaka
3ebluebeta3E Mushroom BlueEfdat
3egreenbeta3E greenEfdat
3egreybeta3E Grey Would Be the ColorEfdat
3eredbeta3E RedEfdat
amphiThe Amphi Theatre
amphi2The Amphi Theatre II
artofpwnThe Art of PwnM4dk3z
asylumThe Asylum of Remorse
a2Return To AtlantisPingu
baldm8Dying EmbersBal
battleBattle ZoneQuid
blessedBless to KillHeadshot
bsdm6Kill to Cure
catwalk2The Catwalk V2Iskall (aka Zanne)
cpm5qwDimebox 8Povo-Hat
dadDad's PlaygroundZaka
dm5aThe Cistern
fmcFull Metal ContactQurnel
fourThe Four HorsemenForrest (aka Drako)
genocideXL Genocide CrushProdigyXL
hookHook in MouthVondur
ladyLady MarmaladeMalevola
messyThe Messy BaseEscher
pkeg1Powder KegMr Fribbles
q3dm6qwThe CampgroundsSamoN
ruinsTemple RuinsDakoth
rpgdm1Ime Votes Vondur for World DominationR.P.G
rwildRunning WildQurnel
sacredb1Sacred (Beta 1)Zaka
shineThe ShineZxc
skullSkull HuntZaka
smHatful of HollowBlitz
tridm3Recycled (Crapyard Edition)ZTN
vdm3Zaka's Favourite MapVio
xsntrickTrick or Treat!Xenon
a2.bspReturn to AtlantisPingu
amphi.bspThe AmphitheatrE
amphi2.bspThe Amphitheatre II
cmt2.bspthe SacrificeGromm
cmt4.bspAndromeda NineSlayer
cpm1qw.bspWickedSamoN (original by FxR|Jude)
cpm3qw.bspJude's CPM3 for QWPovo-Hat
debello.bspDe Bello QuakeroEscher
e1m2ish.bspE1M2-ish by Aardappel
e2m2tdm.bspthe Ogre Citadel TDM editionQurnel
e3m3tdm.bspthe Tomb of Terror TDM editionQurnel
e3m6tdm.bspChambers of Torment TDM editionQurnel
e4m3tdm.bspThe Elder God Shrine TDM editionQurnel
entry.bspUnlawful EntryBugsy_sWeMoB
fragtwn1.bspFragtown 1 - The Bronx
fragtwn2.bspFragtown 2 - Motor City
fragtwn3.bspFragTown 3 - Hillsdale
fragtwn4.bspFragtown 4 - East La
fragtwn5.bspFragTown 5 - Dallas
fragtwn6.bspFragtown 6 - Pirates Cove
fragtwn7.bspFragtown 7 - Chicago
fragtw16.bspFragtown16 - Redmond
hohoho.bspMerry Fraggin' X-Mas
home.bspOur Only HomePovo-Hat
pkeg.bsppowder kegribble
povdmm4.bspDMM4 ArenaPovo-Hat
rf2.bsprusted factoryQurneL
rwild.bsprunning wildqurnel
schloss.bspSchloss AdlerZaka
skull.bspSkull HuntZaka
slide1.bspVolcanic Detour
slide2.bspBlack Diamond
slide4.bspEnter Badlands
slide7.bspThe Temple of Gaia
spinev2.bspspine v2headshot
titan2.bspTitan IISlayer
ukcldm2.bspUKCL DM2Slayer
ukooldm2.bspThe Egyptian Cistern
ukooldm3.bspUKOOL DM3Repo
ukpak1.bspUKpak1 Coward's DomainPorkY
ukpak2.bspukpak2 - Made by Zor
ukpak3.bsp The Stagnant Baseaul
ukpak5.bspUKPAK5: Organized CrimePeej
ukpak7.bspUKpak7: Secluded StorePingu
ukpak8.bspUKPAK8 - Vicious CompanionsBiGGuS
wildtest.bsprunning wildqurnel
xmastree.bspQuakeWorld Christmas by MisYu
ztndm1.bspSmile It Gets Worseztn
ztndm2.bspShow No Mercyztn
ztndm3.bspBlood Runztn
ztndm3q.bspBlood Runztn QurneL
ztndm4.bspThe Steelerztn
ztndm6.bspThe Vomitoriumztn
Quake II single-player maps
base1Outer Base
base3Comm Center
biggunBig Gun
boss1Inner Chamber
boss2Final Showdown
bunk1Ammo Depot
city1Outer Courts
city2Lower Palace
city3Upper Palace
commandLaunch Command
cool1Cooling Facility
fact1Receiving Center
fact2Processing Plant
fact3Sudden Death
hangar1Outer Hangar
hangar2Inner Hangar
jail1Main Gate
jail2Detention Center
jail3Security Complex
jail4The Torture Chambers
jail5Guard House
labResearch Lab
mine1Upper Mines
mine3Drilling Area
mine4Lower Mines
mintroMine Entrance
power1Power Plant
power2The Reactor
securityGrid Control
spaceComm Satellite
trainLost Station
ware1Supply Station
waste1Toxic Waste Dump
waste2Pumping Station 1
waste3Pumping Station 2
# Quake II DM maps
q2dm1The Edge
q2dm2Tokay's Towers
q2dm3The Frag Pipe
q2dm4Lost Hallways
q2dm5The Pits
q2dm6Lava Tomb
q2dm7The Slimy Place
# Id CTF maps
q2ctf1McKinley Revival
q2ctf2Stronghold Opposition
q2ctf3The Smelter
q2ctf3bThe Smelter II
q2ctf4aOutlands II
q2ctf5Capture Showdown
q2ctf6Border's Canyon
q2ctf8The Hangar Scenario
# L-Fire CTF maps
lfctf2A Farewell to Kings
lfctf4Send in the Clones
lfctf5Samurai Castles
lfctf6Mines of Hell
lfctf7McShminley Base
lfctf9Slippery When Wet
lfctf10Twin Temples Lush
# WTF CTF maps
wtfctf1aRockets Red Glare
wtfctf2aDon't Blink
wtfctf4aBuckeyed Piece
wtfctf5aChained Down
# Strogg CTF
sctf1Toxin Refinery
sctf2Gemini Temples
sctf3Lost Outpost
sctf4Twin Reactors
sctf5Teleportation Center
sctf6Last Stronghold
# Allstar 2 CTF
as2m1Lil' CTF
as2m2The Warzone - Quake II
as2m3Fort Lingrin
as2m4Not-So-Forgotten Mines
as2m6The Strongbox Remix
as2m8Mine War
ztn2dm1 Painkiller
ztn2dm2 The Killing Machine
ztn2dm3 The Rage
ztn2dm4 Recycler by ztn
ztn2dm5 The Crucible by ztn
q2rdm1 The Flesh Refinery TMPMusashi
q2rdm2 The Chastity Belt DuelJalisko
q2rdm3 Imminent Demise by Kanaeda
q2rdm4 Third DegreeRetinal
q2rdm5 Brutal Force
q2rdm6 Cunning Plan
q2rdm7 ReclamationKamarov
q2rdm8 Think think think thats all i doKreative
q2rdm9 Cold Zero
q2rdm10 Heavy MetalRetinal
q2rdm11 BloodstormMusashi
q2rdm12 Broken ShadowsMusashi
q2rdm13 Quake2Kult Jalisko
q2rdm14 Burn Cycle Kaneda
q2next1 Schizm Jester
q2next1 Stress Fractures Jester
q2duel1 Aerowalk Mattias "Preacher" Konradsson
q2duel2 GRIND headshot [Dennis Kaltwasser]
q2duel3 Brutal Force Jens Andreasson
q2duel4 Out the Window Brian Wilson
q2duel5 Mortal Coil Phil Chopp "Retinal"
q2duel6 ikdm3 Iikka 'Fingers' Keranen
q2duel7 Gom Jabbar Taltos [Noel Weer]
q2duel8 The Rage Sten Uusvali
Q4DM1 The Fragging Yard
Q4DM2 Sandstorm
Q4DM3 The Lost Fleet
Q4DM4 Bloodwork
Q4DM5 The Rose
Q4DM6 No Doctors
Q4DM7 Over The Edge
Q4DM8 The Longest Day
Q4DM9 Campground Redux
Q4DM10 Outpatient
Q4DM11 Skeleton Crew
Q4CTF1 Heartless fpsq4ctf1
Q4CTF2 Death Before Dishonour fpsq4ctf2
Q4CTF3 Speed Trap fpsq4ctf3
Q4CTF4 Relativity fpsq4ctf4
Q4CTF5 Xaero Gravity fpsq4ctf5
Q4CTF6 Mind the Gap fpsq4ctf6
Q4CTF7 Tremors fpsq4ctf8
Q4CTF8 Double Edged fpsq4ctf8
Q4CMP1 Spiral Bartlomiej 'Lukin' Garbiak
Q4CMP2 Grinder Geoff 'GODLIKE' Ellenor
Q4CMP3 PHRANTIC Rich 'swelt' Jacques
Q4CMP4 CITY HEAT Yan 'Method' Ostretsov
Q4CMP5 RAVAGE Randy 'killat0n' Evans
Q4CMP7 CAUSTIC BURN Tom 'Phantazm11' Perryman
Q4CMP8 BETTER THAN NOTHING Rich 'swelt' Jacques
Q4CMP9 WALLS OF HATE Vilhelm 'g0th' Flohr
Q4CMP11 SYSTEMATIC LOCKDOWN Tom 'Phantazm11' Perryman
Q4CMP12 KAT FIGHT! Ken 'kat' Beyer
Q4CMP15 CLINT EASTWOOD Bartlomiej 'Lukin' Garbiak
KTONQ4DM2 Torment
KTONQ4DM4 Ravage
L4DM1 Galang
L4DM2 Monsoon
L4DM3 Ruiner
L4DM4 Man Called Sun
SWQ4DM1 Phrantic
SWQ4dm2 Better than Nothing
WVWQ4DM1 Placebo Effect
SWQ4DM2 Better than Nothing (swelt)
qzca1.pk3 Asylum
qzca2.pk3 Trinity
qzca3.pk3 Quarantine
qzctf1.pk3 Dueling Keeps
qzctf2.pk3 Troubled Waters
qzctf3.pk3 The Stronghold
qzctf4.pk3 Space CTF
qzctf6.pk3 Beyond Reality II
qzctf7.pk3 Ironworks
qzctf8.pk3 Siberia
qzctf9.pk3 Bloodlust CTFQ3 q3wctf1
qzctf10.pk3 Courtyard ConundrumQ3 q3w2
qzdm1.pk3 The Gate / Arena Gate
qzdm2.pk3 House of Pain
qzdm3.pk3 Arena of Death
qzdm4.pk3 Place of Many Deaths
qzdm5.pk3 Forgotten place
qzdm6.pk3 Campgrounds Redux
qzdm7.pk3 Temple of Retribution
qzdm8.pk3 Brimstone Abbey
qzdm9.pk3 Hero's Keep
qzdm10.pk3 Nameless Place
qzdm11.pk3 Chemical Reaction
qzdm12.pk3 DredWerkz
qzdm13.pk3 Lost World
qzdm14.pk3 Grim Dungeons
qzdm15.pk3 Demon Keep
qzdm16.pk3 Cobalt Station
qzdm17.pk3 The Longest Yard
qzdm18.pk3 Space Chamber
qzdm19.pk3 Terminal Heights
qzdm20.pk3 Hidden Fortressdc_map07
qzteam1.pk3 Base SiegeQ3TA mpteam1
qzteam2.pk3Fallout Bunker Q3TA mpteam2
qzteam3.pk3 Inner SanctumsQ3TA mpteam3
qzteam4.pk3 ScornforgeQ3TA mpteam4
qzteam6.pk3 Vortex PortalQ3TA mpteam6
qzteam7.pk3 ReboundQ3TA mpteam7 aka "The Capture Chamber"
qztourney1.pk3 Power Station
qztourney2.pk3 Proving Grounds
qztourney3.pk3 Hell's Gate
qztourney4.pk3 Vertical Vengeance
qztourney5.pk3 Hell's gate Redux
qztourney6.pk3 Almost LostQ3 pro-q3tourney7
qztourney7.pk3 Furious heights
qztourney8.pk3 Temple of PainSacellum
qztourney9.pk3 The House of Decaydc_map06
xmas.pk3 Silent night
ztntourney1.pk3 Blood Run Tourney by ztn
qztraining.pk3 Training
qzpractice1.pk3 Practice
qzpractice2.pk3 Practice
Aerowalk Q3 hub3aeroq3
Battleforged Q3 phantq3dm1
ztntourney1 Blood RunQ3 ztn3tourney1
-Canned Heat Q3 ra3map1_3
-Deep Inside Q3 ospdm5
Dismemberment -Q3 hub3tourney1
-Distant Screams Q3TA mpterra2
-Devilish Q3 storm3tourney8
-Double Impact Q2 dimpact
-Dreadful Place Q3 q3shw23
-Eviscerated Q3 dm4
-Evolution Q3 ra3map1_1
-Eye to Eye Q3 q3amphi
-Finnegan's Q3 q3wctf3
-Focal Point Q3 focal_p132
-Gothic Rage Q3 qxtourney1
-Hearth Q3 dm3
-Industrial Accident Q3 q3wcp11
-Intervention Q3 ospdm6
-Japanese Castles Q3 q3wcp1
-Overkill Q3 ra3map11_4
-Overlord Q3TA mpterra1
-Phrantic Q4 swq4dm1
-Realm of Steel Rats Q3 cpm4
-Revolver Q3 ra3map11_3
-Seams and Bolts Q3 ra3map2_4 - Previously "Shaken Not Stirred"
-Shining Forces Q3 q3wcp5
-Skyward Q3 q3wcp23
-Solid Q3 cpm29
-Somewhat Damaged Q3 ra3map2_2
-Spillway Q3 dm2
-Theatre of Pain Q3 ra3map1_4
-Three Story Q3 ra3map9_2
-Thunderstruck Q3 ra3map1_2
-Toxicity Q3 pukka3tourney2
-Wargrounds Q3 q3shw26 - Previously "Battlegrounds"
-Window Pain Q3 ra3map2_3

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