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Created April 2018 


  Thomas 'Panter' Pilger -- 30nm4949

DemonamePlayerDateSkill levelModeIWADNotesNumber of PlayersDemotimeDownloads
30nm4949Thomas 'Panter' Pilger8/29/19975SpeedDOOM2 149:49

In the wake of some infamous cheating and increased DOOM single-player recording excitement, Panter was the first person to record the greatest of all DOOM demo milestones: The entire game of DOOM2 on Nightmare! skill.(without deaths in a single attempt, of course)
Although several players had recorded excellent attempts at this demo before he accomplished it, I think the primary motivation was the previous cheated demos.
It is an amazing example of human inate ability for unswerving, obsessive perseverence and the ability to accomplish a nearly impossible task. This is also a great example of what is lacking in newer games...

I would think if you are at this site, you have already seen this masterpiece of recording. If not, then be sure not to miss it, as it is THE milestone of all gaming milestones.

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Thomas Pilger - 30nm4949

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